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Inside the Carraige 

Oil on Cotton on Board 24.5x29.5 ins (unframed size)  £620.00

Rush Hour 

Oil on Cotton on Board £375.00

Nocturne #2

Oil on Canvas 36x24x1.5"  £350.00

Street near Covent Garden
Oil on Cotton on Board. 24x17 ins (unframed size). £350.00 (sold)

Bus Stop at St Paul's. Oil on Board 12x22 ins unframed size (£375.00)

Waiting for a Solo. Oil on Canvas 19.5x39.5 ins (£320.00)

Late Night Pizza. Oil on Canvas 31.5x23.5 ins . (£450.00)

'City Life' 
Oil on Canvas 20x30 ins (£350.00)

Oil on Canvas 20x30 ins (£350)

Tangerines and Pears
Oil on Board 12x9 ins unframed size (£250) Sold

Spring on the Arun
Oil on Board 26x12 ins unframed size (£300.00)

Highdown and the Downs 
Oil on Board 24x12 ins unframed size  (£300.00)

NYC Cityscape

Oil on Board 15x12 ins  unframed size Dark Frame (£275.00) (sold)

Houses on Cliff (Costa Brava)  (sold)

Oil on Canvas 30x20 ins (£375.00)

Littlehampton Marina

Oil on Canvas 23.5x31.5 ins (£450.00) Sold

Field at Patching

Oil on Canvas 36x24 ins (£350.00)

Hill at the Farm

Oil on Canvas 35.5x27.5 ins (£390.00)

Street in Arles (sold)

Oil on Board 11.5x18.5 Framed (£220.00)

The Road to Arundel

Oil on Canvas 39x12 ins (£275.00)

Chichester Marina 

Oil on Canvas  47x39.5 ins (sold)

Tangerines in Green Bowl 

Oil on Board 12x8 ins (unframed)  16x12 (framed) (£220.00)

Arundel Sky

Oil on Canvas 22x18 ins (£250.00) (sold)

Crossbush Skyscape

Oil on Canvas 22x18 ins (£250.00)

Autumn in Petworth

Oil (over Acrylic) on Canvas 24x24x1.5 ins (325.00)

Rolling Hills of Kent

Oil on Canvas 36x24x1.5 ins (£350) (sold)

'Street Corner in the West End''
Oil on Board 6x8 ins (unframed size) 10x12 ins (framed) (£185.00) (sold)

Please note, prices include frames but not shipping which depends on destination. Please message for details..